Globe - a class project in which i needed to design an album cover and a postcard to promote it.
Envy - there are 2 parts to this project. first was to come up with a company profile and design a logo for it (envy, a high-end delicate clothing store). secound was to design anything that would promote the busniess. i chose to design the front entrance and its window display. envy by definition is the desire we have toward something. to reflect this idea a huge iris was used. cameras hooked to televisions were utilized as well to give the audience a feel to interaction with envy.
Literary Arts Annual Catalog - literary arts would like to target a younger group of audience in the near future which would required a new identity. my solution for them was a 3D logo that has a playful aspect and can attacts attention. besides this they also needed help on its annual catalog that included information on upcoming events within the next year. for the cover I used the logo and created an eye-catching pattern. the overall layout was straightforward so it could be easier for the readers to go through.