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A typographic juxtaposition of 2017, the year and the number as Roman numerals, serif type and mathematical expressions in hexadecimal, binary and octal.
A poster for my daughter's graduation party.
Event poster for the Earth Day celebrations in Cebu, Philippines
2017 as the Chinese year of the fire rooster. Designed as a family greeting card.
Poster for my son's 17th birthday
Filipiniana 2009 - A poster I designed for the local community's annual gathering.
Campaign poster for the Philippines' vice-presidential candidate
Poster for an Earth Day event
Members recruitment poster for a design organization I founded.
Online banner for a Moleskine event.
Poster based on the cover design for a thank you calendar I sent out to clients.
Kaamulan poster - For a Filipino-American cultural show around an indigenous dance based on an ancient royal courtship ritual. I felt that showing the dancers' lower extremities emphasizes the measured rhythm of the dance, the barefoot grace, and the vivid flowing fabric against the harsh shadows caused by spotlights.
Kaamulan ticket prototype
Poster for my son's 18th birthday
Invitation for my son's birthday party
Birthday card for my son
Personal work. Desktop wallpaper (2002). Trying to emulate one of my design heroes, April Greiman.
The Independent Post - Cover and inside pages for a broadsheet newspaper
Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Annual Report - Studies for a nonprofit foundation annual report
PIFS directory cover - Cover studies for annual international show magazine/directory supplement

Posters, flyers and other promotional materials

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Graphic designer Dallas, TX