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Design for a Philippines arts and culture portal, a project with 3 other friends.
Mobius Music homepage (2006) - MobiusMusic is a social networking/distribution website for the alternative music community in the Philippines.
Pop up banner for online music portal
MU Philippines homepage (2004) - Homepage for MU Philippines. Inspired by the classic Dungeons and Dragons, I took elements and textures from the game and meshed them to recreate a medieval ambience. The masthead is spliced to be seasonally thematic, (e.g. Christmas, Halloween) w/out changing the template. I also made Photoshop templates for standard banner frames, and a drag & drop Flash file for the screenshot slideshow. By far, this is the biggest website I've designed in terms of no. of pages and stand-alone sections.
Mobius Online index webpage (2005). After Paypal, the first e-pay system in the Philippines. One of the many websites I crafted as design chief of a startup gaming company in Manila.
Proposed design for an events site and their logo.
Media aid capabilities site (2001) - Website for my former corporate communications group.
I Want MU (2004) - Intro pages for gaming newbies. A supplementary site to MU Philippines, I Want MU serves as an online beginner's manual to the world of MU. After a new registration, you are taken here for a game tour before heading on to the more hardcore MU site and game guide.
MU community page (2004) - Initial homepage for MU's gaming community featuring insider info, player-submitted material and game rankings. Today, it is called ForPlay, a separate online newspaper section of MU homepage.
Mobius games homepage (2005) - Main page for Mobius, a portal for 4 massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) from Korean developers for the Philippine gaming market: MU, Rakion, Gunbound and Rakion.

I designed and maintained all the pages for more than 2 years until I left in October 2006. Markup and backend by the most kickass devteam I've worked with yet: Pao, Onins, Nelson, Alpha, under the able leadership of Herr meister Rob.
Mobius inside page (2005) - Inside page sample for Mobius.ph.
Proposed Rakion Philippines homepage (2006) - Proposed website design for the Philippine players of Rakion, an online multiplayer game. I created the steel beam from scratch: formed in a drawing program, and texturized and rendered bloody and rusty in Photoshop.
Proposed design for a design community website
DME version 1 (2004) - Launching design for the DME corporate website
Sto. Nino (2006) - Website for the Sto. Nino community of devotees in the US. I also designed their logo.

Websites and online banners

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