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Character Sketches - Family of sketches:

0. Sally the Salamander
1. Alley Kitten
2. Late-Nigh.... the Owl
3. Octo Marteeka
Character Sketches - Family of Sketches and Renderings
Character Sketches - Photo of Drawing Board!

1. Monkey Business
2. Ba Ba Barbra
Marker Renderings of Animal toys/plush
Octo Momma-Cita
Poultry Penny line art
"Cicero" The Alley Cat. - Media: Prisma Marker/Paper
Costilo the Armadillo - Texas Plush Animal
Marker Renderings of Animal toys/plush - Sally The Salamander
Poultry Penny - Process of Coloring Method
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Character Development
Jason Rangel
Industrial Designer/Visual Illustrator Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN