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Attachment | Total Living Series | 2003 - We all want to have a better life style and to live in a smooth environment. Attachment is part of a private collection from the series "Total living".

Product prototype of a vacuum tooth brush with one addition to the traditional tooth brush. Easy to attach anywhere in the bathroom. No more use of dirty caps, and additional accessories in the bathroom area.
Product Design - Different products developed by NotFromHere, all based on ready made materials and daily items.
New Year Card | GNA | 2006 - Two sides of a new year card, 2 languages, Hebrew & English. Perforated line for additional use of the card.
azzure campaign 2004 - Different spreads from Azzure campain - Love LIfe Denim. Fall 2003
To Be Airy | 60sec series | 2006 - Illustration from a creative card game
The Red Zone | 2006 - Red trademark, Dec1 broadcasting
Type Design | 2006 - Type face deisgn that was developed as part of the project 2Be Perfect
we love design - Red | We Love Design RGB | 2006
BodyBag | Ready Made Cloths | 2002 - Ready made project. cloths made from plastic garbage bags.

The use of garbage bags in this modern age symbolizes the endless mass of waste, produced by humanity. These garbage containing units have been evolved into one that contains man.
For single use only.

"bodybag" is a conceptual project. In one way it is criticized us as a society and on the other hand it showed the simplicity of the things as they are.
We can create the fashion from thing
i&i - single spread out of a full human rights colander. The objective was the small details.
Photograph by Nave Cohen
iMovein | 2006 - This illustration is part of a full branding system for iMovein.
Party Invite | 2005
NotFromHere Sample
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Gili Bar-Shay
Designer new york, NY