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Noumeda ceiling and wall art for for Andy Martin Associates

Andy Martin is the owner of both the AMA – Andy Martin Architects studio and the AndyMartin studio, which were founded in the year 2000.

Specialized in high end residential and commercial properties such as prestigious hotels and restaurants, this innovative group of professionals boasts architects, interior designers, lighting and project
..Andy is constantly searching for young new talent to join his team. Andy discovered my work thanks to the Design & Illustration Category AWARD at Art Takes London 2011 which I proudly won in

My particular style was exactly what his studio was searching for, for the Meursault project.
The interiors “feature natural stone, glass, leather and marble is bound together perfectly with Noumeda artwork, represented women-baccants who ‘ receive ’ and put down the look on the
customers. Noumeda Carbone has realized the illustrations of the ceiling and of the center column , back-lighted from 18.000 LED lights“.

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Noumeda Carbone
Noumeda Carbone artist and award-winner illustrator www.noumeda.com Florence, Italy