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Jungle_scene01 - This is jungle designed with licensed vue 8 xtream and rendered with intermediate quality, this scene is inspired from "Outside Indian village" I saw many villages that are near the jungle, It was the boundary area of village from where starting the jungle that I saw somewhere
Jungle_scene02 - this is a tree but it tells a lot to us, we are now facing global warming, and only way to stop to it is "Tree plantation",
well I did this work with licensed Vue 8 xt
all this environment is designed and rendered from this software
Desert_spot01 - 3d desert environment created with vue 8 xt
Nightmare - well if want to see a ghost see in window it is looking at you
sunset_watching trees - this is inspired from a spot from our city here, I made it from vue 8 xtream and I was using it very first time
fun2d art - This 2d art for just fun, I was designed it when I was firstly using the wacom tablet :) and I thought I really can do with it well, This drawing is inspired from water color drawings and dream stories, I worked so hard for grass and cloud effect than trees and water that time.
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3d environments and matte paintings
Nitin Mane
Student of Animation and Graphics Kolhapur, ME