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character design - this is not fully designed character, this was a screenshot of video from a advertise, and I m edited it like game character, the implemented things are his hair, eye brows, inner eye, color correction, texture effect, highlights and shadows, background, cuttings and lots of things, I tried to make him as angry and more realistic gaming character
Prince of Persia - This art is inspired from the famous game "Prince of Persia", this totally drawing and most important thing is "it is drawn without pen-tablet", I made it smooth with blur because original is too sharpen and low quality
guess who? - well Guess who is in this picture, she is very famous and lovely actress, I m so crazy fan of her so I decided to draw her it using photoshop, I struggled a lot for her drawing specially for her hair and some shadow area, I made when I was very beginner at photoshop and matte paintin also, don't forgot to tell who she is in comment if you recognize her
wrongman - this is character design of monster I named it as "wrongman" this 'name' is inspired from a character from Indian reality show....well I made it when I was very beginner at matte painting and character design, the technique is inspired from Aron Sims from Gnomon
TV-akimo - this character is inspired from Akimo Robot, and unfortunately and accidentally "This character is used on animation film named as CLOUDY" it may be co-incident because I made it first 2 moths before the trailer of film released...well that doesn't matter
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Concept Art-Characters
Nitin Mane
Student of Animation and Graphics Kolhapur, ME