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Citysafe Range - Created a ladies range for Pacsafe, Australian brand for bags with anti-theft features. For more info visit their website www.pac-safe.com
Citysafe 200 - Interior design both functional and fashionable. An organized bag makes the user a happy customer who in turn will spread the word.
Citysafe 200
Citysafe 200
Metrosafe 200
Pouchsafe 200
Fila - From concept through to sample development and finally first manufactured sample, I have designed numerous ranges for various companies.
Ipod Cases - This was a freelance project with a Mac dealership in Hong Kong. The objective was to create a range of new and exciting iPod cases for the various models available in 2004/5. The selection was sold out within a week.
Cooler Bag Design - Together with MDF, this range of cooler bags was created with a new patentable folding system. My objective was to develop this system into a range and adapt to European taste.
Be Ez
Puller Design for Rexel - Acco UK - The design brief:
MO Pod Bag Design Considerations
- Intuitive access to laptop and document MO box wherever you are
- Store laptop and MO Hi-capacity box
- Compliment MO Range
- Adequate ventilation for laptop
- Modular to allow additions to range eg. clip on pouches
- Design detail to be distinctive as a MO product & different from existing laptop bags on the market
- Commercially Viable

The bag design is unavailable for confidentiality purposes.
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Bag Design
Nurjannah Lorin
Product and Accessories Designer Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong