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ECOSOL Logo Design - By reducing your Carbon Foot Print you can save the world - A logo designed for a company that who does Carbon Auditing. A carbon audit regime is a means of accounting for quantifiable greenhouse gas control efforts. It establishes that the claimed reductions in emissions or enhancements of carbon sinks, has actually occurred and is stable.

The objective is to not leave as little a carbon footprint as possible.
Societe General Poster - Internal poster for charity event
Global Remote Brochure
GR Brochure Back Page
Corporate ID - Icare is a spectacle and sunglasses deign and manufacture company. They required a corporate image that encompassed these two elements without being too distinctive in a specific style or idea.
14 July 2007 Invitation Card - The 14th July festival as celebrated in Hong Kong. I designed the invitation card that is sent out to all who are invited, over 5000 people from dignitaries to businessmen.
14 July 2006 - Invitation card for the 14 July event held in Hong Kong and hosted by the French Embassy.
14 July 2006 Inside View
Pro Fish Logo [2003] - Logo Design for a fish transport company in Cape Town
Clothing Design - I designed the flower girls dresses and the bridesmaid dress.
The Invitation Card - Printed on Milky paper, a velvet textured card.
Wax Seal Design - I designed a stamp seal that is used to seal the thank you cards and wedding invitations with a wax seal.
Thank You Card - As guests from various cultural backgrounds, I designed a card saying Thank You in most common languages found in Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australia.
Pfizer Freelance Work
Pfizer Freelance Work
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Graphic Design
Nurjannah Lorin
Product and Accessories Designer Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong