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NERVE is a small "live" workstation. Using a thin artificially engineered neural living tissue it's possible to achieve the computing power of several High-End workstations without overheating issues, with unlimited computing power, learning capabilities to overcome new tasks and ultra low-power consumption.

With NERVE you can forget RAM, SSD, HD, CPU, graphic cards and all possible hardware conflicts, no hardware upgrades needed. NERVE OS will run any software, adaptability is native to NERVE OS. The NERVE neural tissue is floating on a protective gel inside a strong acrylic block. Temperatures on NERVE neural tissue is always at 35°C, NERVE will control all variables. If needed will consume more GlucO2 (oxygen rich glucose and fat solution - blue cartridge) to increase the temperature to optimal levels.

A small battery will keep NERVE working and kicking for several hours, since is a live machine, we strongly recommend to use a small UPS.

Nuno Teixeira
Nuno Teixeira - Industrial Design Studio Lisbon, Portugal