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Dance Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee.

This is the result of the one week workshop called 'Crafting Wearables', organized by the ArtEz Fashion Masters and the faculty of Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven. My group of four students from TU/e and one student from ArtEz and we were placed with the task of developing a 'fetishist' wearable that embodies / enhances the emotions and movements of objects that make us feel powerful over others.

The final result is a suspender system, stylized around boxing, that forces you into a hunched and calm position (e.g. getting prepared to pounce), and once the arms of the person are pulled down the suspenders pull the user into a full upright (or attack) position.
The designers and their fetishist starting points are:

Dounia Bourjila - Boxing Gloves
Rhys Duindam - Skateboard
Chrissie Houtkooper - High Heels
Attalan Mailvaganam - Whistle
Paul Stoutjesdijk - Heart Rate Monitor (Bicycling)

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Rhys Duindam
Founder at Nupky Eindhoven, Netherlands