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Little Devil

Little Devil is about exploring the benefits of negative reinforcement for encouraging stress-relieving behavior. I saw an opportunity to consider alternative methods for dealing with stress. Instead of fixing the problem of people who have stress problems, why was it that people were allowed to reach a level that requires treatment? How about spirituality or tough love? My goal for this research project was to test methods designers hesitate to use with regards to stress.

Working alongside workers it was noticed that non-smokers were hesitant to take a break because they had no reason to. They were scared of being told by their colleagues and bosses that they should be working.

Little Devil acts as an excuse for non-smokers to take a break. Little Devil slowly moves from its relaxed state, to it's uptight state over a period of 1.5 hours. Within this time you must take a 10 minute break or suffer a funny consequence.
Selected to present at the Helsinki and Dutch Design Week.

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Rhys Duindam
Founder at Nupky Eindhoven, Netherlands