Girl as indian - first of all.... please, to FULL VIEW CLICK HERE</a>, it looks better!! you can view some Close-ups Hope you like it! + Tools: pencil, watercolors and some touches in photoshop. + Time: 1 week (not 1 whole week, obviously...) no photo reference
Autumn's Faery - I have say that I like enough how looks it! I'm very happy with the result. At first, I thought to draw a faery with a "butterfly's wings", but, at moment to paint it, I thought to use this colors, and then I thought: "She seems a autumn's faery!" XD then, this is the tittle! XD <b>HOPE YOU LIKE IT! </b> you can view the photo reference that I used, the first sketch and the final sketch, here <b>Tools:</b> pencil 2B and Watercolors (I used a bit of rubber masking to create some blank spaces)
Photo session 001 - A quick drawing. of a series called "Photo session" +Tools: pencil and PS +Time: 3-4 hrs
Spring to life - that's an attempt to do a play on words with the word &quot;spring&quot;. hope you understand. if don't, that's a complet failure. XD
Nuria Ayma
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