Admittedly this alternate concept wasn't produced (hence its gif approximation), though might have been had a UK campaign for cell phones not have coincidentally been conceived at the same time, and had the client not redirected its original "one click" strategy.
…nor this additional concept (hence its gif approximation), which I've included by way of thinking process, to show how one basic concept can result in so many different interpretations. (Simple story, simple to use product.)

THIS PROJECT PAGE FEATURES: (728x90) rich roll-down game + (300x570) takeover + three (300x250) standard banners + two (575x400) simple banners ||| So often in interactive-land "due yesterday" flags combined with tight budgets abound. The "All in One Spot" campaign conceived and produced in just a few days. Behold terrorized viruses, identity thieves and other online predators brought to justice by AOL's typographically convenient central letter. (*NOTE: A few pieces are represented with integrity-maintinging gif approximations, since several flash renderings failed to meet my high standards.)

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