"Building" ||| A simple user-initiated banner solution, for a simple service. (*Building growth overlapped website content.)
"Inbox" ||| Crafting with type is one of my favorite ways to beef up designs when a given message isn't particularly exciting, thereby transforming a potentially boring ad into a visually appealing one. Incorporating the idea of "One Little Inbox" within the square dot of a san serif "i" felt like an elegant way to introduce this B2B concept.
"Connect" ||| Moving one's cursor over either ad space turned one's mouse into a 'magnet'. It then became possible to co-mingle the featured business folks within ads. (*If site visitors failed to interact within a certain amount of time, the ads would play through to the endframes, without takeover activity.)
"Clock" ||| A second simple solution.

THIS PROJECT PAGE FEATURES: one (300x250) simple banner + two rich (336x280) banners + one (728x90 & 300x250) takeover ||| Note that all ads were produced after my departure from Atmosphere BBDO, thus the gif approximations.

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