"Pussy Cat Dolls" + "Daddy Yankee" ||| These kaleidoscopic banners were part of a campaign devised to make it simple to upload last-minute artist-provided imagery and logos into ready-to-go templates. The twirling patterns also helped disguise less-intriguing/attractive imagery, plus conserved k-size. Endframe interaction made it possible to download songs or an artist screensaver.
"What's Inside"||| Crafting with type is one of my favorite ways to beef up designs when a given message isn't particularly exciting, thereby transforming a potentially boring ad into a visually appealing one.
"Chris Brown" + "Nelly" + "Gwen Stefani" ||| Much of my one-year staff stint at Atmosphere was spent managing junior teams. Lotsa time spent guidance-extolling meant that a mere % of my own personal work ever made it to production. Thus the following campaign gif approximations which encouraged fun, gameā€“like user interaction intended to reveal hidden artist videos with live audio.

THIS PROJECT PAGE FEATURES: five (336x280) rich banners with audio ||| one (728x90) rich banner with audio

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