Many non-conceptual flash banners were distributed for the Ultra 5.9, the look of which matched a hefty microsite I worked on for several months. I was never happy with the production quality of any of the former but have always liked this never-produced, user-driven typographic solution which emphasized the phone's sleek, slimness in a far less expected way. Viewers were encouraged to slide the (lowercase "L") mobile as seen from the side, to form product-appropriate adjectives.
The gimmick here being…the further away one drags the phone, the more upset our enthralled 300x250 dude becomes. (*Gif approximation; video intended)
Though well-received, as often occurs in Sisyphus territory, the underlying concept (i.e. Excessive Captivation Disorder Institute) was axed last minute by the client thereby dragging a fun series of conceptual banner ads with it. Which explains this additional gif approximation.

THIS PROJECT PAGE FEATURES: (728x90) rich banner + two (300x250) rich takeovers ||| PRODUCTS: SAMSUNG Ultra + U900) ||| Individual comments below...

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