The toys were hand-wound then planted inside gummy-sealed sweeps brochures. When a volume is opened…GROWN MEN SCREAM! That's French for, "And zen zee fairy whizzzzes around zee rooooommm and scares zee pantalons off zee reader."
Initially DIRECTV requested 3.5 million units. Then we learned that the little French company had never produced more than 1,000 in one sitting. Miraculously, they agreed to hire extra workers to print and manufacture 200,000 toys + brochures on a rush deadline.
I morphed five images of Deion (from a DIRECTV photoshoot) in various positions to get his proportions to fit the small live wing area. All design is mine as well.
But wait! Then a handful of law dawgs' imaginations ran rampant. Our numbers rapidly decreased to 5,000 — and then to 10. Meaning only those lucky enough to win season tickets received issues containing my decade-old "wouldn't it be cool if…" Et voilà.

A decade ago in Europe I stumbled across an ingenious invention created by a tiny French company: a rubberband-powered flying toy. Since I habitually save cool finds within the chiarascuroed files of my hallway closet, I became giddy when the perfect opportunity to utilize my Parisian find finally came my way. Namely a 48-hour pitch for a memorable Sports Illustrated and ESPN magazine insertion. The idea needed to coordinate with Deutsch's Deion Sanders/Manning brothers NFL fairy TV spots. The idea also needed to whoop Grey's arse (which unlike my creative team had been granted several development weeks). My concept nailed the win. In fact the honchos at DIRECTV were so thrilled, a sweepstakes to win season tickets was developed to enhance the surprise. *Demo video coming soon!!!

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