ACEP Dividends Logo - ACEP Dividends is the name of the program benefits package offered to ACEP members. This logo was devised to represent the four types of benefits available to ACEP members, subliminaly suggest the extra or bonus benefits of membership by using a plus sign, and to reference ACEP’s main logo, which is a grid of squares with a piece missing from the middle.
Alliance Business Insurance Logo - Alliance was originally named for the Alliance Corridor, an area in North Texas. When the company moved to another city, they needed their name to continue to make sense in their new location. Insurance brokers essentially assemble the correct "alliance" of insurance products for their clients. This logo became based on the idea of assembling parts into a whole. It also uses a triangle because it’s a stable shape, and mimics the letter A.
Art of Opera Foundation Logo - The Art of Opera Foundation’s mission is the promotion of Opera as a form of contemporary art (as opposed to Art History, as many people treat it). We originally toyed with the idea of making the logo use the word Heart (as in The Art of Opera Foundation) to express this, but found it too difficult to make people understand in a compact mark. In the end we devised this icon, which is simultansouly a capital O, and open mouth, and beating heart.
CMB Construction Logo - CMB Construction is a Christian-owned steel building contractor. The client came to us asking for a visual representation of the star over the manger. This logo uses the "Steel Star" (also called a hypocycloid) to combine it with a reference to their building material.
Keep Your ER Open Logo - Keep Your ER Open is an initiative of the American College of Emergency Physicians Foundation, the charitable arm of ACEP. This design was intended to reference the commonly found "Open/Closed" sign, but not only because of its common function, but because of its potential to be easily reversed. It plays on the emotional impact of suggesting that one might find their ER closed when they need it. Logo - is a hosted content management system based on open source software. They are also our web hosting partner. The design is intended to create an optically open design using simple shapes that lend themselves to adaptation and expiramentation. This logo has been in the top 20 on
Live for the Cure Logo - Live for the Cure is the branded fundraising arm of the Chronic Disease Fund, a charity that helps underinsured patients with chronis illnesses pay for their presciptions. The idea of this logo is to use the ubiquitous charity awareness ribbon to suggest life (such as the leaves of a plant or blades of grass) while using them form the V in Live.
PharmaStrategies Logo - PharmaStrategies is a company that helps pharmaceutical companies market their products using proprietary marketing strategies. This logo evolved from the desire to avoid the use of drug-specific imagery, and to emphasize the strategic mix or solution.
Risky Drinking Logo - This logo was developed in conjunction with the brochure and website commissioned by ACEP and the National Transportation and Safety Administration. The focus of the campaign was not to make people stop drinking, nor was it a specifically drinking and driving simply advocated that people slow down...or yield.
ScreenNerd Logo
Tidy Tom's Logo - This logo concept is simple. It’s an example of the fact that sometimes the best idea for a logo is infinitely easier to execute than it is to conceive in the first place. The original idea was that the different service divisions of Tidy Tom’s (Commercial, Residential, Carpet/Steaming) would have logos that used different colors and cleaning implements. That, however, never came to pass.
We Are the ER Logo - This logo was designed for use on recruiting materials and promotional premiums for the American College of Emergency Physicians.