Chronic Disease Fund Website - The goal of this redesign was to humanize a non-profit that, although they focus on patient care, had material that focused mostly on financial and technical information for partners and sponsors.
Emergency Department Data Institute Website
Elite Nurses Aide Academy Website - This site represents the first time we've produced a site where we have paid specific attention to the number of HTTP requests as well as file sizes in order to optimize the speed with which the site can be downloaded and parsed in the user's browser. It's also the first time that we've chosen to implement a technology called sIFR, which allows us to use Flash to "embed" true type fonts into the page without negatively affecting accessibility or search engine optimization. Website
Live for the Cure Website
Longhorn Fabrication Website Website
Pedroza Capital Group Website - Pedroza Capital Group is a company that helps small businesses finance their growth and operations through a practice called Factoring (or, Accounts Receivable Finacing). This site was developed for the content management system, and features a spanish-language mirror of the site as well as the primary english-language version.
PharmaStrategies Website - This site was developed to help illuminate some difficult pharmaceutical marketing concepts using illustrative photography, custom graphics and support documentation.
Phelps Stokes Fund Website
Risky Drinking Website - This website was part of a risky drinking educational initiative, commisioned through The American College of Emergency Physicians in conjunction with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. The project also included a brochure, which was distributed to every ACEP-Member Hospital in the United States. The key feature of the site is a unique "sliding" interactive interface.
Sculpture of Ron Hollingshead Website
ScreenNerd Website
Southwestern Services Website - Southwestern Services is a Retail Contractor, meaning that they build-out, renovate, and maintain physical facilities for retailers. Their client include some of the best known brands in retail (Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, PetSmart, GNC, etc...). Their new site features a piece of technology that we’re very excited about, a job map using a Google Docs Spreadsheet as its database, and using the Google Maps API to illustrate where and what SWS does.
Tahra Caldwell Website - It’s always flattering to be asked to design a site for another artist or designer. Tahra Caldwell asked me to design this site to showcase her portfolio a few years ago, and I still consider it to be a major creative success.
Walker Wellness Clinic