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A boy with a wooden eye by Old bone

On planet Earth, there are people that say they have the evil eye, when they look at you, you feel uncomfortable, like would from their eyes - in our eyes - a rush some evil and settle your body. In the World of Fantasy short period implanted unhappy person, which would remain without his eye, a wooden eye. This rarely wood from which the wooden eyes were made is very hard and is not subject to rust, so it was considered an excellent choice. When it was found that such a wooden eye, somehow affecting his new owner, changing his personality, ceased with such a practice of artificial eye instill. Today in the World of Fantasy, of all the people which a wooden eye is instill, sometimes appears the boy in the image. Usually at dusk, or in the calm before the storm, suddenly, you feel that you are being observed. When you see it motionless, how silently staring at you in their strange clothes, get you some mild creeps and feeling unpleasant situation. In his view, you feel no pro....

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia