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Art Galerija Svijeta Fantazije, Bauk Art Gallery of the World of fantasy, Boogeyman

In the permanent exhibition of this unusual art Gallery is located drawing whom you see Author Gaston Line, a good friend of the most influential art critic in the World of fantasy, and that is Mr. Fritz Theory This remarkable work - to the statement of Mr. Fritz - is so great masterpiece that framework is too small for him, so drawing in part go beyond There were a few artists and art theorists who dared to say that the drawing an average - if we closed our both eyes - because of errors composition, artistic creativity, etc. in this work. Mr. Fritz Theory them quickly closed gob with his authority and Invoking his friendship and good relations in the circles that govern art and determining what is good work and who can enter the circle of prominent, well-known artists.
- This work shows for the first time in history as it actually looks Bogey - he stressed - being that can not be caught neither see although everyone is at least a few times in her life felt his

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia