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Art Gallery assheads of the World of Fantasy, with a story about the King of the Dwarves, outsider

It's always fun to come to the Art gallery of the assheads, marginal artists of the World of Fantasy. Today I have seen the picture you are looking at, it made me interesting, as more people worked on it, not considering the picture as a whole, nor the work of its predecessors. Then, out of a large cardboard box, an old man came out and came to me. There were two big holes in the box, so I realized that the guy was looking at me from the box for a while.
- Do you like the picture? - he asked. His eyes, red from lack of sleep, staring at me. On the old clothes he wore on himself, there was a stain of color.
- I was impressed with - I said cautiously, knowing the unpredictable nature of people who deal with art - Did you do it?
His face was stretched into a smile, a few teeth that he had left, flashes from the mouth cavity.
- Yes - proudly erect his chicken breast an old man - Inspiration wore me ...

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia