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Art gallery of the World of Fantasy, design no. 1.

Events in the field of art in the World of Fantasy have never been more interesting than the last month. After striking Assheads on the monopoly of Fric Theory in determining what is the supreme art and what is not, recently happen impudent burglaries in the Art Gallery. Burglaries were confused the police because neither the artwork nor the inventory was alienated, while some did not notice that the burglars (or burglar) sheltered some valuable abstract paintings in the Art Gallery warehouse, and brazenly exposed some other abstract works. It is interesting that visitors have been watching the paintings for a few days and admiring these pictures of an unconfirmed art - amateur, counting the images would not be here, that have not passed through critical evaluation of Mr. Frica Theory, alpha and omega cultural scene of the World of Fantasy. When the scandal came out to the public, Mr. Fric Theory is turned green out of anger and suggested cardboard 100X70cm., tempera

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia