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Behind Unexplored territory

Researcher Pepe Fajgl, after passing through the Unexplored Territory, emerges in the clearing: a large green meadow stretched over to the mountain whose tops had white caps. Pepe saw the lonely oak, his treetop created a shade that called for a pleasant vacation. When he came near to notice a person at the foot of the oak, it was an old man long-white beard who stretched out his thin body on an old sleeping bag. His face, wrinkled by the wind and the life, eveal tired and serenity, the eyes of heaven-blue were staring at Pepe with an indifferent look that could not be surprising. The old man came to the end of his life - and as a wise man - he chose a nice place where he would die. Pepe offers him food and water but the old man refuses to move his hand.
Researcher Pepe Fajgl tells him where he comes from, about his need to find unusual buildings and ......

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia