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Being from pine, a story with a fantastic theme , contemporary outsider artwork for sale

Twilight was descending to the World of Fantasy when I was on the way to my home, passing by the Great pine. This old and a huge tree has always attracted the attention of every passerby, and this area had the name Plateau of a large pine. Suddenly I heard a rustle inside of his branches, like someone running through the hay. Prompted by curiosity, I stepped into the interior feeling like entering another world, calm and quiet. At first, I saw nothing but a dense treetop and rough trunk with beautiful ornaments created by Mother Nature. To my surprise then, I notice an old wizard Cyril Buma sitting on a branch with a satisfied look on his face. He smiled and said:
- Welcome to a very nice place, my boy!
Reciprocate his greetings and climb a few branches to the top and I asked him:
- What does a powerful wizard in the old pine? I did not expect to see you here.
-Easy, I'm resting - replied Cirilo Bum - on top of that I enjoy spending time with a Quiets, residents ...
A 3 format

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia