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Bridges of Milan Passenger

In the World of Fantasy, one who asks for the ultimate knowledge of the purpose of life, the greatest wisdom, knowledge or truth that releases, must cross over his bridge, he must find the bridge that exists only for him. Wizard Cirilo Bum and I drank tea in the shade of old cherries and saw Milan Passenger, a seeker of truth and knowledge, the man is known as a treasury of knowledge, with his experience and wisdom gained considerable respect in the World of Fantasy. He greeted us, sat down on the old tripod and lit his pipe.
- I've come to get some rest, so I'm on my way again. I found my bridge yesterday" said after a brief silence, Milan Passenger, with a quiet voice, no emotion.
I looked at him with interest, impatient to hear new knowledge and truth. Cirilo Bum nodded, smiling.
"It took me a long time to get to the point of the bridge, above the cloud, I was very tired," continued Milan, " when I see the opening in which the bridge was entering. My happiness knew ....

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