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Crni grm Black bush

Wizard Cirilo Bum confirmed to me that it is a creature of the family of plants as we approached the Great Crossroads. Besides us there were no other beings, all have fled in fear because the Black bush was notorious. Neither did I not care but I trusted in the power of the old wizard.
Indeed, I was stunned when we arrived: right here at the Great crossroads stood huge Black bush, over twenty meters high. His black flowers trembled, and the stem is moved over and I could see how it grows and expands. Through thought we passed everything I've heard about this rare occurrence, as the first sign that he is great, close disaster. There was talk that eating other creatures, one could see a pile of bones in his foot, also to release some of the gas of which is goes crazy and there were other horror stories about the evil that caused Black bush.
- It is enormous - I said - and it's only ten hours here. This is incredible, impossible. Is constantly growing.
- You should have already...

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia