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Day of Holiday in the World of Fantasy, abstract art with a short story, naive outsider artwork

The freshness of morning withdrew in front of the warm rays of the sun.
The Wizard of Cirilo Bum and I came to the High Meadow, one beautiful gazebo, where we planned to spend a day off.
- Only those who work hard and get their work done, fully enjoy all the pleasure of a vacation - said the wizard Cirilo Bum. I did not answer him, my life plan was to work as little in life, for that reason, I have taught for the wizard at him.
By the time we took the time to see the water that emerged from the earth, in the air she created a form of grapes and spirals of various colors that had disappeared in the unknown. The Ghosts of water had fun, trying to show each other their skills.
We chose a place on the edge of the High Meadow for our accommodation, where we could watch the landscape: meadows and forests scattered to distant mountains of dark blue. Above us were an old, large yew tree as created to keep us from the strong sun and the negative energy.
Below the meadow was stretched by ...

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia