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Don Juan from the World of Fantasy, funny, outsider illustration plus simple story

The claim that guitar builders are the best lovers is absolutely correct, as evidenced by the fact that Felix Pride, the biggest winner of female hearts and bodies, was great at making these musical instruments.
- Ignorant man often takes a guitar in his hands and began to strike the strings, grimacing and thinks it's fun. It's a disgusting scene that I look with disgust. The guitar needs to be gently caressed, then it is necessary, with love, to devote the guitar tuning, taking care that each wire vibrates in a harmonious manner with other wires. The one who hurries, and does not enjoy the setting, will never find out what the possibilities of a guitar are and how much luck she is willing to provide to one who is fully devoted to her. Only after proper adjustment, the guitar will readily respond to the gentle and to the strong touches of the guitar pick - as yet very young, Felix spoke to us, faces - price postage on request, original for sale
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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia