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Emotionally Gathering place in the World of Fantasy, outsider illustration and unusual story

A 3 format, for sale
Human beings belong to social beings, the inhabitants of the planet Earth, which are gathering at various places for sporting and cultural events, celebrations, births or deaths, church holidays (incomprehensible gatherings of support for naive mammals by cunning politicians), because of the tradition, etc., etc. The gathering for such reasons was before in the World of Fantasy, but over time they became marginal, today the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy love the gathering places that come when one fulfills such strong feelings, that they want to share with others or alone can not cope with their difficult emotional state. Rules of Emotional Gatherings are simple: Speech and violence are forbidden. Uninformed observer this scene may seem ridiculous, even grotesque, a multitude of different beings stand side by side, while one cries, others laugh with satisfaction. Unhappy in love, characters filled with anger, depressives lowered the nose, smiling ...

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freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia