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Enlightened - unenlightened, outsider paintings, brut artworks, fantasy story

At first, it was just a series of stained spots floating on a mystical screen. Then the wizard Cirilo Bum makes a magical movement and clearly show me the faces of the "Enlightened".
"I can not say they look happy," I said when I came to myself from surprise - I always believed that the state of nirvana is something pleasant."
"The mortal beings can not achieve a state of nirvana, enlightenment is not possible either by personal search or touch of deity, knowing the deepest secrets cannot be to experience or to pronounce, "said the old wizard," such efforts end up badly by the seeker for understanding. There is only this place at the boundary of the Worlds, created by the deity of Desire, for the beings damaged mind and spirit (because of the search for enlightenment, for knowing themselves, with an initiation) they have their own quiet corner.
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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia