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Five scorpions dancing on cardboard, acrylic outsider painting by oldboneart

A3 format, cardboard, markers, acrylic
People of the World of Fantasy, sometimes before the dusk, hear the rhythmic hitting of hard plantar on the ground. During those moments, there is a need for increased caution when passing through the area of Scorpions. To many beings, their dance, the sound of hitting the feet on the ground seemed nice and their somewhat stiff dance moves were fun. Curiosity, standing, and viewing Scorpions as a dance can have a very bad outcome for a curious observer. If they see you, they will rush for you, God forbid! to catch you. With knees and elbows will sting you, and with pliers tweak so strong that your body will hurt for months, inflated like a balloon.
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freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia