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Flower Cvijet

For a large number of people, life changed when, by chance - or destiny - they met the flower species Blandissimaetea, a special beauty. The flower communicated with other beings is naturally innately (if the flower wants to communicate with one another) it quickly attracts attention to its personality and is carefully listened to what the flower has to say about any subject. The claim that the flower unconsciously, without any bad intentions, the widespread scent of the opiate, is certainly correct. A person who spent some time in the company of the flower of Blandissimaetea, will feel the need to be with the flower as often as that gathering in it provokes a sense of satisfaction. Here it should be said that depending on the person, Blandissimaetea can awaken in the person's dependence on the flower and strong emotions that can be a big problem. There is no help or good advice here, if the flower ....

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia