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For everything happens for the first time

Leonard, Paul and Pepe (from left to right) are ghoulish ghosts whose favorite party is to suddenly enter into other worlds. Immediately afterwards, this trio, with the thunderous screaming, rushed in the pursuit of the bewildered beings, enjoying in their panic and their fear in bones. Then they retire to their secret castle, where they slowly talk with tea and biscuits about how fun their last appearance was. The picture depicts their coming into the World of Fantasy, at their accident just in the area Gray Spikyheads, who are known to everyone, are extremely non-,hospitable, prone to violence and do not know the fear. So Leonard, Paul and Pepe will experience an unpleasant surprise for the first time, their new experience will be pervaded with pain and humiliation. We wish them good luck to return to theirs home, now it is not necessary to break the head about what kind of psychological and physical condition they will be.

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia