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From the notebook of the old witch

The sun started to sink behind the far mountains just when I go out from Great Woods. I quickly collected some dry branches, it is always better to wait for the darkness with the light and warmth of the fire. I asked Nott, the goddess of the night to keep me, and then extract the old witch's book from the bag. I open it randomly and I see the illustrations you see, the presentation of the system that the witch used to read the past and the future. In this skill she was extremely gifted, so she told me many times about prophecy:
- Think twice are you going to say it, what you see is going to happen.Find your way of developing the ability of divination, starting from the fact that everyone is unique, There is no universal formula for those who really want to go far to the path of magic. Be forever a wise Pupil who seeks and takes a fertile grain from many fields and uses them later in their personalized occult procedures.
I leaned my head on a ....
100X70cm., watercolors, tempera

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia