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Great Rekton, one outsider artwork by Oldboneart

A3 format, markers
I asked the wizard Cyril Bum that me draft as it looked great Rekton of which would often talk. I was surprised when the same day called me and proudly showed this drawing. I was left disappointed with a modest artistic talent of the old wizard because the child would probably better draw these characters. Hiding my surprise, I said:
- I see that the Great Rekton among the angel's unusual look, these are never shown nor seen. But it seems that to him is good in the company heavenly beings.
- Is the Great Rekton among the angels I do not know and I can not claim to be the truth. But surely it is my great pleasure to think that it is right there so I why I drew between them.
Then, with much fervor started to talk about him, about his courage, love for his family and unwavering will of the Great Rekton to make all the duties for which it was born. Since I heard this already before, I was bored because there was no exciting heroic feats, nothing worthy of attention ....

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