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How to activate the Force, seriously learning magic, contemporarx drawing and fantasy story

After two months of my stay and learning with the old which became clear to me that it in his magical skill is not used magic dust, no witch's broom on which fly and similar attractive objects.
- This basic knowledge that you will learn in the beginning, is not of yesterday, there are already a number of years, through one tradition that has no particular source. That knowledge is not written in holy books that should be exclusive truth for all beings. Knowledge is tested in practice and when they understand, accept without questioning how they function and hold yourself to simple instructions, for a short time happen to you changes in the material world that you desire. Surely you know at least one happy, very rich and respected person to whom how you think, going all exactly as the person imagine and wants. Your rational mind does not allow you to understand that just in thought and desire located a big part of the success of the person on whose would place you...
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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia