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I love you

You can get angry at me
Because that fits you so well
To say that love is shown in other ways
which are better than mine
But I will look at you with my heart
I will love you with my eyes
I really like you what you are.
And when you're angry
I am happy you are my
I'm watching you how special you are
Grown into a miraculous flower
Even your stubbornness I love
And I love you like you are.
So many be your own there is not anywhere else
And I am proud that you are mine
Heart deep down like three oceans
Fragile, and so strong
And above everything else
I love your big eyes that hide the secret
And mouths that hide fruit
And I love you like you are.
I laugh because I love you
Every day
I love watching you sleep under a canopy
I like to watch you when you look at me
even secretly
And listen to you when you're silent
on your throne
I really like you what you are.

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia