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In the center of attention

- The human species is too burdened with the term "beauty", and men and women are most often unhappy with their appearance. Many people even suffer from mental pain, have a feeling of less value - because they have created in their minds a picture of themselves as a ugly and unattractive person, "said Old Bone..
We were sitting around the campfire and watched him how to ignites tobacco pipe and then continued:
- One saying says,"A woman ass adorns, and cake, nut." Furthermore, someone else will find beauty in the eyes of some being, the third one considered most important sex organs of a being. We do not need to wonder the human race (who is known to be submissive with suggestions and little use of his own brain) that he will always find some deficiency on his body and look, to bother them like a stone in a shoe.
Old Bone took a piece of paper out of the bag, spread it out and show us the picture ( whom you see.)
- This is Gojko, a critical case of being, who has convinced in his

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia