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Ing Inguz

Every normal person is intuitively aware of the existence of powerful energy in us and our environment, there are forces that are not scientifically confirmed. The average person can not explain occasional appearance strong inner feeling that he is close at hand is the opportunity to do for himself something really big, that there must be a way to invisible, powerful current that passes past him to direct to their advantage. Most quickly forget this message - that flash on and off in him - and return to old habits, which like iron shirt, keep the condition of the monotonous everyday life. The mysterious voice in us - Do more, because it is possible! - one will come back again, no matter how many years have had. Why and where they come such messages in us?
According to the Teachings of the old witch - great masters of practical magic - the study of the unknown and mysterious world, with seeking and prayer, will bring the practitioner biggest prize in this material existence...

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia