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Invitation from Spirit Area

My mailbox was full again as eglantine pits of advertising leaflets and sales catalogs. Great, bright colors highlighted the headlines on various brochures: Discount! Weekend action! Now is the best time to buy with us! Discount up to 95%! Out of those stacks of paper bait, on the ground falls gray, unattractive leaflet. The flyer was printed on cheap paper, the designer misses out, the disgrace of advertising skills.
- We invite you kindly to the Spirits' Area for socializing and talking! - it was written on the back. Below it was a guide to how to get there, the instructions written by the connoisseur of passage from one world to another.
- When you come in, call Franjo! Jura! Mika! And we will come -those words ended the text.
I laughed ridiculously, I did not even think of moving to the Spiritual Area, a place that has traditionally been for a long time avoided by all the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy. Also behind this invitation, there might be some evil

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