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Negdje u Svijetu fantazije Somewhere in the World of Fantasy

When in one newspaper reports that Wormfigures lives in a drop of water from the swamp - the size of an atom - a loud controversy has begun among scientists and philosophers of the World of Fantasy.
"That's a dumb one not true," said Dr. Gege, "and it will be proved that one of the Wormfigures extends through many galaxies and we live in a one atom of their bodies!
It is unnecessary to cite here the arguments of one side and counter-arguments of the other side on the size and spatial location of the Wormfigures. That is why it should be said that everyone agrees that the Wormfigures are extremely territorial beings and will fight for the area they consider their to last breath.

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia