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Neumjereni Incontinent

We were hidden behind a bush, a wizard Cirilo Bum and me. We watched an old log cabin that was located in a beautiful glade, with a start Distant forests.
- Where is he? Why does not come out? - I wondered.
- Today is the day when it should be fully indented - said Cirilo Bum.
Indeed, on the porch appears a shadow, transparent and a swaying, like a thin cloth in the breeze. It was a tenant chalets, freak called Leopold Nun. He was hard to recognize, a shadow which was to be his body, quite the warped and changed the original figure of Leopold.
- Land of fantasy has hidden traps and power which are not sufficiently known. It is known that fantasy changing the mind so much that it affects the physical body in which the mind resides. You must know that imagination and fantasy are two different things. Frequent, long lasting stay in the World of fantasy leads to separation of land and being be forever dragged to the World of fantasy where.... it ....

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia