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Original elf

The film industry and many illustrations have created a completely wrong impression of the appearance, behavior and characteristics of beings known as the elves. I will try to briefly explain to people who want credible information, the true truth. The elves are not a group of noble beings, spiky ears, living in beautiful castles. People imagine elves with slim and stashed, wise evanescents of eternal values, skills in healing and spell. For the elves (and fairies) one can actually say that some kind of pests, creatures that have the ability to get into the head of a person, let their veins in the brain of the host and thus dominate their actions. The person will continue to live, take food and water for his body, will even have his thoughts, but will not be aware of the elves and that he will rule with him. After a long time, this symbiosis will show the adverse effects per host, become physically weaker - whatever the quality of the food it takes -, there will be a feeling of ...

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia