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Puppet Zvonko, creative pain artist, a source of wisdom, funny picture, short story by oldboneart

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We love when Puppet amused!
We always learn from The Greatest!
Warning! The following text is intended for fans of Puppet Zvonko! People with poor cognitive abilities may remain confused.
We Puppetapostles, we keep track of what our Lord Puppet is doing, we study each of his movements, each his word is recorded and subjected to philosophical analysis. And always, again, over and over again, our conviction is strengthened every time: He is the God of eternal wisdom and the correct procedures!
It is known that Puppet Zvonko - for their own entertainment - whips, branded and cuts people with a razor, often with mortal consequences. We gladly approve of it, it is reasonable to Overpower must feel comfortable and have fun, with us, miserable microbes. We are happy that we are honored with its perfect presence.
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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia