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Rogue having fun, detail from larger picture, outsider painting by stara kost art

It is not necessary now to state the reasons why Euzebio Whackedy is such what is he like: bad character from the World of Fantasy to whom it is only important to entertain himself, even if it hurt the other person, with mandatory physical pain (prick with a nail in the foot - from the earth - innocent passerby). His obsession with this morbid party requires lengthy, elaborate preparations: Euzebio has to dig up a small shelter in the land, similar to a mining pane. Then attach a long nail that reaches the ground level through a hidden hole above his head. When a traveler, a walker, or some passer-by comes over that hole, Euzebio stands up suddenly and stabs it with a nail in the foot. We can hardly understand the enormous pleasure that Euzebio experiences when the passerby cries out of a painful puncture. That it is a serious obsessive disorder has no doubt because Euzebio spent a long time in his shelter, in a good mood, waiting for the innocent victim. Euzebio has ...

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia