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Searching through the passage

There is a lot of talk about friendship, and this one from the World of Fantasy is really unusual. Dodo Sagepass, being with wings, is so rare that even in the World of Fantasy there is no other member of his genus. And Dodo wants to have his family. One of the abilities of this, love of the hungry being, is the ability to open the passage, the door between worlds and other dimensions. His friend, Elvis Nergetic, is always on his side and braves him with words:
- Never give up, open your eyes well, you will find your soul mate, it certainly exists in this or the other world! Open a new pass, go for a new quest!
Such words awaken in Dodo the power of will and the new force to reopen and again, spinning energy balls (a very exhausting activity) opening a passage into the unexplored world where, perhaps, there is its other half. As Dodo passes through the opening into another world (or dimension) and the passage closes, Elvis clings to the spirit and body, in fear of what will.....

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