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Seven magnificent dangers

In the Strange forest there are many poisonous and predatory plants and creatures, but among moving residents for their evilness particular note are the seven (description from left to right):
Rods, like bamboo, these beings stray individuals create dense and imperishable barriers, so they are forced to turn away from its path. Always re-creating obstacles slowly but surely lead astray travelers deeper into the forest.
Below them are shown Beads, surely the worst being in a Strange forest. In large groups of a thousand or more individuals, such as piranhas, attacking anyone who gone astray into their territory of the forest. Their sharp beaks tearing tissue with poor victim until there is only a skeleton.
There is a Large nipping, insidious creature that stray travelers offering help, posing as a ranger. Then it leads deeper into the dark part of the forest an more on

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia